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Timothy D. Ryerson
Vice President
Timothy Ryerson has an extensive background as a television executive in programming administration. Ryerson began his television career at the prestigious stand-alone cable channel, ZChannel, in Los Angeles. As Vice President of Programming, he formulated programming policy and strategy, supervised business affairs, implemented a database of business and programming information to increase efficiency of daily and long-term operations, and created film festivals, tributes and programming events to maximize brand identify and subscriber satisfaction.Subsequent to Z Channel, Mr. Ryerson worked at Showtime Networks. During his tenure at Showtime,Mr. Ryerson was instrumental in establishing and reinforcing the branding and distinct characters and identifies of two national television channels: Showtime and The Movie Channel. In addition, Mr.Ryerson was instrumental in the development of strategies and models for the launch of additional national channels: Showtime 2 and Flix. Mr. Ryerson was recruited to move to Denver to launch several national television channels for Liberty Media. These channels included STARZ, Encore, BET Movies, Mystery, Plex, Love Stories, Action,WAM!, STARZ 2, Westerns and True Stories. As Vice President of Programming Planning, Mr. Ryerson oversaw Long-Term Program Planning, Scheduling, Traffic, Quality Control, and Interstitial Programming. In addition, Mr. Ryerson acted as liaison with Universal Studios in the production of sixoriginal motion picture productions.

At STARZ, Mr. Ryerson bore a great deal of responsibility in differentiating and branding the numerous channels. And, as he had done at both Z Channel and Showtime, Ryerson was instrumental in defining the specifications for a programming database that would interface with business affairs,traffic, quality control and on-air playback.

The STARZ suite of channels were the first national television services that broadcast in all digital format (Sony’s new digital Betacam codec). At the time of its launch, the STARZ post-production facility was the largest digital production facility in the nation. As such, numerous challenges needed to be overcome in a short time to successfully broadcast digital materials, and Ryerson was able to successfully leverage his knowledge in post-production operations to launch the channels in a short time-frame with superior broadcast quality utilizing the then-novel protocol of using digital technology to quickly and economically remove unwanted artifacts from older motion picture materials.

During his time at STARZ, Ryerson also launched two television channels in Australia: Encore Australia and Showtime Australia and consulted with The International Channel.

Ryerson then took a senior leadership position at TViFusion, a company founded by Jeffrey Reiss, the original President of Showtime Networks. In this position, Mr. Ryerson was charged with incubating and developing numerous niche television channels in the United States and internationally including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France.

During the heyday of WiMAX (2.5 GHz) spectrum acquisition, Mr. Ryerson brokered close to US$80 million in contracts.

A former President of the Colorado Film and Video Association, Mr. Ryerson is regularly invited to speak at industry events and is listed in Who’s Who in Entertainment.

Mr. Ryerson was graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts from its acclaimed Cinema department. (At the time of his acceptance, it was more difficult to gain admission into the Cinema Department than into the Medical School.)

Upon graduation, Mr. Ryerson was employed by the Chief Administrative Office of the County of Los
Angeles where he assisted in the production and post-production of numerous public service and education documentaries. From there, he went to Paramount Studios where he served on the crews of numerous famous television shows and motion pictures of the ’70s including Mork and Mindy, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Taxi, Escape from Alcatraz, American Gigolo, and North Dallas 40. At the same time, Mr. Ryerson founded the Pasadena Art Theater in Pasadena, California, where he taught acting and produced/directed live theatrical events.

Recently, Mr. Ryerson has chosen to pursue production, his first-love, and directed two feature films and numerous short videos.

Mr. Ryerson is knowledgeable in a variety of digital software including Apple’s Final Cut software (Final Cut, Motion, Compressor), Adobe’s software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Media Encoder, Light Room, Dreamweaver), 3-D software (Blender), as well as having a background in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and mySQL.

Mr. Ryerson has three daughters; the youngest is a junior at Reed College in Portland Orgeonl; the middle daughter recently returned from studies at Oxford and is now pursuing her Masters degree at The New School in New York City; and the eldest is working towards her doctorate at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.

Mr. Ryerson enjoys border collies, snow skiing, exercising, and watching intelligent motion pictures and television programs. He is accomplished in Spanish, French and Italian and, to relax, he enjoys studying symbolic logic, Latin and the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers.


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